uHow to enroll

Call  to check the studio's availability and request a copy of the Studio Policies.
Upon enrollment you will be given a weekly lesson time, asked to fill out a Student Record form, pay a one-time enrollment fee of $35, and sign and agree to the Studio Policies.
If there is not an available lesson time, you can choose to be added to the waiting list.

Returning Students (Students who have discontinued for a period of time and have decided to re-enroll in the studio) - A one-time reinstate fee of $35 will be added to the first month tuition.

Charter School Students are subject to all of the Studio's Policies and Fees as all other students. For more specific information go to the bottom of the page.

New or Returning Students – You will have to prepay the last month’s tuition when enrolling in the studio.  If we receive a month in advance notification for discontinuing on time, the prepaid amount will be applied to the last month of lessons.

(more information for discontinuing in the general section below)


Studio Policies


Books, music, and lesson materials, as required by the teacher, are not included in the tuition.
They are the responsibility of the students and their parents.


Each student will be scheduled for a 30, 45, or 60 minute lesson every week (4 or 5 lessons per month depending on the weeks of that particular month). If the student has not prepared/practiced for the lesson, it is possible that the entire lesson time will not be used.


Parents of students ages 4 -7 are required to attend every lesson, take notes and help their children at home. Parents of students ages 7-9 are highly encouraged to be present at the student’s lesson and help their child with practicing.


We are a studio with a year-round enrollment. Please provide information for a planed family trip in advance.
It will be appreciated.

Taking two or more weeks off for a family vacation will not affect your monthly tuition and its due date. If you are taking more than two weeks off, you will not be able to get more than two make up lessons for the weeks that you missed.


Each student will have a lesson in a set day and time for the month. However, due to the teachers’ engagements with orchestras and concerts, a change of lesson time is possible. The student will be notified in advance and the lesson will be rescheduled within the month. 


If you want to discontinue taking violin lessons, let us know in advance.
The teacher must be notified in the beginning of the last month you the student will be taking lessons.
If we are put in a situation that
we are not notified a month in advance,
a full month (4 lessons) payment will be added to the students account.

New Students who have prepaid their last month tuition, must notify the studio a month in advance if they want the last prepaid payment to be applied to the last month of lessons. If the studio is not notified in advance, the prepaid amount will not be returned to the student.

Not taking lessons for 4 weeks or more is considered as a discontinuing or cancellation of our services. Please refer to the cancellation procedure above. No notification a month in advance results in a full month payment added to your account.



All fees are due at the last lesson of the previous month and they are applied for the following month. Tuition will be prorated for the first month only for new students who begin after the first week of the month. There are no exceptions unless made in advance.


Students who have not submitted their monthly payment by the first of the calendar month will be charged a late fee of $15.

New Students – A one-time enrollment fee of $35 will be added to the first month's tuition upon enrolling in the studio.

Returning Students (Students who have discontinued for a period of time and have decided to re-enroll in the studio) - A one-time reinstate fee of $35 will be added to the first month's tuition.

Monthly Tuition is calculated by taking the number of lessons/weeks we teach in the calendar year (47) and multiplying them by the per-lesson fee, then dividing by the 12 months of the year. The 5 weeks that are left out of the regular 52 weeks in a year are going to be O SOLE MIO Studio’s vacation. We don't charge for them, but only for the 47 weeks. 
O SOLE MIO Vacation is usually 3 weeks in the summer and 2 weeks in the winter.

Cancellations and make up lessons


Lesson cancellation should be made no less than 24 hours in advance. 

Lesson cancellations in cases as attending a birthday party, family event, non emergency doctor ‘s appointment, an extra school activity or not having anyone to bring
the student to his/her lesson
- no financial credit will be given. If there is a situation like this and you want to rearrange your lesson, you have to switch your lesson time for that week with another student and arrange it independently on your own.


Make up lessons are scheduled only due to sickness.

Make up lessons must be rescheduled within the same month of the absence’s date.


Lesson preparation

Playing the violin is a skill that requires daily practicing. It is very much as exercising at the gym or learning a sports activity. If you want your child to improve and see results, you need to provide some support at home. Students need to be reminded every day about their practicing routine and encouraged to exercise their fingers and arms by playing the assigned songs and pieces. It is best if you set up a specific practice time for each day and keep it the same every day. If you want to help your child with something more specific, you can look at his/her violin notebook where the teacher writes the assigned pieces, exercises and recommendations.


Recommended practice time:

Practice time for ages 4-7 is 30 minutes every day.

Practice time for ages 7-9 is 40 minutes every day.
Practice time for ages 9-11 is 1 hour every day.
Practice time for ages 11-13 is 1 hour and 15 minutes every day.
Practice time for ages 13-15 is 1 and 1/2 hours every day.
Practice time for ages 15-18 is 2 hours every day.

(Practice time for other ages depends of student’s desire for playing.)


The recommendation above is connected to the present skills of the student and it is based on the assumption that the student started playing around the age of 5. Obviously if the student is 12, and just beginning to learn the violin, there will be a different practice schedule assigned.


A student who wants to pursue a professional carrier in music has to practice no less than 2-3 hours a day after the age of 12.

Charter School Students

Parents and Teachers:

Please contact the studio before sending Purchase Orders for new or old students. POs need to be written for full semester and sent on time.


Even though the School is responsible for monthly payments during the academic school year, you as parent will have to cover the rest of the monthly tuition in the calendar year (usually June, July, and/or August.)

All of our students (charter or traditional school) are accepted to O SOLE MIO Violin Studio on a year-round enrollment and we still teach lessons in the summer.
























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